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FG#7 update THEORY ONLY on P11, P120 and P296.

Today I am going out on another limb. Robert Parker that is listed the 1790 census of Greenville Co., SC on page 113 is the father of Isaac and also the father of Benjamin Parker (P11) Jesse Parker (P 120 and 296) and William Parker. I also believe that this Robert Parker  is the son of Daniel and Mary (Sumner) Parker and the grandson of Richard Parker III. Now comes the hard part proving this. Wayne N. Parker   P239

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Theory about ancestors of Moses Parker (1744-1830) and connection to FG#7

  I propose a theory about the ancestors of Moses Parker (1744-1830) died Marlboro Co., SC as I believe he may be part of FG#7 and need help in proving or disproving this theory. A Male Parker y-DNA test would be great !!!   I have found that Moses son, John Parker born SC was in Humphreys Co., TN at the same time as P252 oldest know ancestor Calvin Parker who was born in SC and then John Parker moved to Bibb Co., AL and was living there at the same time P412 oldest know ancestor Moses Parker…

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relationship of John Burns Parker to Quanah Parker

Hello, I am new to all of this. It looks as though the John Burns Parker ( b. March 27, 1809, TN) you spoke of is the one I mentioned previously. The question I have is this: are these line of Parkers related to Quanah Parker, and if so, in what way? I simply want to know if my great grandmother, Lula Jane Parker, ( a descendant of John Burns Parker),was related to Quanah as rumored.   My daughter is a direct descendant of Quanah (from her father's side), and I wanted to put this question…

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6 Replies · Reply by Wayne N. Parker Dec 29, 2014

Is Phillip Parker of Bledsoe Co., TN the father of Hezekiah Parker?

I've heard from several sources that Philip Parker is Hezekiah's father, but no one has offered a rationale for this.  There are two other candidates for Hezekiah's father in Bledsoe County at the right time.  They are John Parker, and Roaly (Rolen?, Roland?).  I've found a tree on Ancestry,com ("Family Tree 2003" by "jeannie12055" which has Hezekiah, John, and Rolen as Philip's sons (along with several other children).  This would work, because the ages are right.  John and Rolen, as the…

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PARKER Y-DNA web page updated

Hello Cousins,    Today, Dec 21, I updated the PARKER surname Y-DNA web page:   http://web.utk.edu/~corn/parkerdna/    The web page at FTDNA is easier to update, and I am able to keep it more current:   https://www.familytreedna.com/public/parker/default.aspx     I apologize to those who have been waiting for new results to be added, I always have good intentions, but we know what road is paved with those.    Contact me if you have questions. Dennis West descended from Isham PARKER, 1815,…

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Info on Martha Pleasant Anderson

William Parker and Martha Pleasant Anderson are my grgrgrgrgrandparents.

In our family we have much info on William but little on Martha.  We are told that they were already married when they came into Haywood Co. and then settled in Transylvania Co, N.C.  We are told that Martha was born in NC and her mother was named Nancy Anderson.a 

Records seem to indicate that her father was Henry Massengale who was a very prominent farmer and politician in Tennesee.  He settled in what…

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Jasper Newton Parker of Cleveland, TN lineage

Hello! I am looking for more information on my family. I have begun my search recently and have run into many roadblocks. This is what I do know. 

My Grandfather was Flavous Stanley Parker born to William Jasper Parker and Ida Callahan Parker on March 20, 1920 and passed away March 13, 1995.

My Great-Grandfather was William Jasper Parker born to Jasper Newton Parker and Martha Ann Mason Parker on February 5, 1890…

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Hi Everyone. I'm a newby. My sister has been doing this for a while, but she's a new Grandma and I don't want to disturb her.  She uploaded my Dad's YDNA back in 2008, the year he passed away.  Hasn't done much with it.  I don't think either of us understand...

Here is my delema.  I began combing records of Duplin County NC.  My Great Grandfather was a brick wall for us. We know who he is, but NO ONE would tell my Grandfather or my Dad and siblings anything about where they come from…

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Peter Parker 1802-1898, and Mary Francis Burke

I have 2 DNA matches that are direct descendants of Frank Hannibal Parker, 1871-1960, born in Orange Beach, Baldwin, Alabama, USA, died in Pensacola, FL.  Most family members have no idea who his parents were, as he and his bother were raised in Pensacola, FL by someone other than his immediate family.  His brother's name was Charles Colas or Cotas Parker.  

One person on ancestry.com has his father as Peter Parker 1802-1898, and mother as…

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Kelly Parks replied to Wayne N. Parker's discussion FG#7 update THEORY ONLY on P11, P120 and P296.
"Wayne, it been a really busy year for me. I hope to get back to researching the PArker family in the near future."
11 hours ago
Wayne N. Parker replied to Wayne N. Parker's discussion FG#7 update THEORY ONLY on P11, P120 and P296.
"Hello Kelly,
Thanks for posting this information. The more information that is being posted is always better that less or none.
I posted this information here because I welcome any and all information about all our different Parker families. I am…"
13 hours ago
Kelly Parks replied to Wayne N. Parker's discussion FG#7 update THEORY ONLY on P11, P120 and P296.
"I know this is a forum for Family 7, but my Franklin County GA Aaron PArker his mention here with a question that the same one. My AaronParker is family 5. I know this Aaron Parker must be mine because I followed his land and the connection to th…"
13 hours ago
Wayne N. Parker replied to Wayne N. Parker's discussion FG#7 update THEORY ONLY on P11, P120 and P296.
"Box family info.

Descendants of Robert Box

Generation No. 1

1. ROBERT1 BOX was born Abt. 1707. He married PHILLIS.

Notes for ROBERT BOX:
Thanks To Joseph Fox for sharing his Box research with me.(W.N.P)

2014-09-06 16:17:26
Josiah Box…"
17 hours ago
Wayne N. Parker replied to Wayne N. Parker's discussion FG#7 update THEORY ONLY on P11, P120 and P296.
I feel we are getting closer and closer to solving this mystery. I am inclosing what I have in file on Tignal and Charity Parker Jones. Also I believe that somewhere I saw where another Tignal Jones was connected with Parker family in NC.…"
17 hours ago
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Steven Charles Kratz replied to Wayne N. Parker's discussion FG#7 update THEORY ONLY on P11, P120 and P296.
"Robert Parker, 1820 census, St Helena Parish Louisiana by William PARKER, age 45 up with no children. Probably father of Jesse, Benjamin, William PARKER. Found also in Missisippi Census later I believe. The Robert PARKER of Greenville County, SC…"
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So, Bobby Gene and Mildred were your grandparents?  and John K. was your dad?  What do you hope to learn about which ancesors?
This is a good place to learn about ancestors with the help of lot…"
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"John Davis Parker is my 4th great grandfather. I too have hit a brick wall and cannot find anything about his parents. I'm on Ancestry.com under the username of edwilleyjr. Here's how I connect.....John Davis Parker > Jonas Parker > Clifton Jonas Pa…"
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In my role as moderator/co-administrator for Parker Heritage,  I research Parkers of all bloodlines.  I try to help all members like you locate ancestors. 
My pe…"
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