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Parker to Parker connection?

Hi!  I am also new to both this site and researching a connection to Cynthia Ann and Quanah.  I've always heard my Parker family speaking of being related to the Great Comanche Chief.  I am not sure exactly how to find that connection.  I do have several generations of Parkers but so far have not been able to find a connection.  Where do I go from here?  Thanks for your help.

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  • I' sorry but it seems anyone with theParker name thinks they are related. THE Elder John Parker family is well documented and I believe you can find it on ROOTSWEB or contct Mary Fabian on this website.

    I think I have already provided you some info on your ancestry but if you prvide me with the grandparents, wehn and where I ccan then research further.
    • Jim,
      I did receive your reply quite some time ago, and have viewed the pedigree/tree you provided. I have still been doing research on my family and have recently sent you a reply stating I don't currently find any connection to Cynthia Ann's family. I spoke just today to a family member who remembers seeing a document with a seal, that an older family member had. This document proved our connection with Cynthia Ann's family and Quanah. I have never seen or heard of this document until today. Perhaps the Bureau of Indian Affairs will be able to help me get more information. I will contact other older members of my family to find out if they are aware of this document.

      You are right about anyone with the Parker name wanting to be connected to Quanah's family. He was a great Comanche leader, and the story of Cynthia Ann is both sad and amazing. For myself, it would settle old family rumors and either prove or disprove being related to their family. I guess we are all just looking to find our roots, and hopefully to find we are part of this amazing story.
  • I'm in the same situation! All that I know is that my great grandfather (Paul and Ida) came from the Chicago area and my grandfather relocated to the South Bend area.

    Have you had any luck and if so what did you do?
    • is a good FREE resource. I have found birth and death certificates as well as census records. You can print out copies, plus there are file numberrs listed so you can request, at a small fee, others records from the Latter Day Saints (LDS) Mormon location in Utah. There are also sites in some major cities you can visit and they will help you.

      Good luck!
  • There are over 100 unrelated lines of Parkers in the USA, in the Parker DNA Project. Those related to Elder John Parker 1758-1836 (Cynthia Ann Parker's line) are in Family Group #5. This tree has most of that line in it:
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