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William Parker arrived from England MD in 1680 with Rev William Turner

A Dr. Joseph Parker has a bible with data on his ancestors named above.


" My G..G. father, Wm Parker came from England in the same ship with

the colony led by Rev. Wm Turner, and settled in Somerste [sic] Co. Md. in

1680.   He, Parker, was accidentally killed while in a deer hunt with a

party of friends.   He was galloping his horse, mistaken for a deer and

shot.   He married Mary Smith.   They had only one son, Jacob Parker.

    He married first Sophronia Terrel.   They had 3 sons, George, Jacob

and William, and 4 daughters, Nancy, Rhoda, Juda or Judith and Polly.

George married Sarah Smith his cousin and settled in Virginia.   He owned

all the land on which Parkersburg is now built and the town is named

for him."


The data has many marriages, births, deaths of those Parkers and Turners. If you are related and wish more information, contact me. I found the information supplied by Howard Blair on his Eastern Shores Parkers website.


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What is the webpage address? I have Howard's book. He has been such a terrific genealogist/distributor of information on this Parker family line.
From RObert Turner to Howard Blair on the Eastern Shores Parkers (Accommack Co VA)

From: Pj Sisseck
To: Steven Turner ; Robert Turner
Sent: Thu, August 12, 2010 6:11:01 PM
Do you have to be invited to the website? I got a page requesting login information.
Thanks BTW! Karen


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