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My Parker matches on FamilyTreeDNA say they are YDNA 67. Since I had no idea about my Parker line, could someone please tell me where this line is from or who it originates with?


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YDNA 67 appears to be a Y-dna test [test of male dna passed only from father to son in a direct paternal line] that checks the dna sample at 67 locations [67 different markers]. You might also see YDNA 12, YDNA 25, YDNA 37 or YDNA 111. . . the numbers referring to the number of markers tested.

What Parker "Line" you may be connected with may be found on the Parker DNA Project website where persons tested are grouped according to matches or near matches as "Family Group #1" or "Family Group #__" [Currently Family Groups on the Parker Project are listed from 1 - 38.] There are other Parkers tested that haven't matched with anyone yet [though their haplogroup can be determined].

So, your question should be, "What Family Group does my contact's FamilyTreeDNA test place him [us] in?" The Parker DNA Project page is Whoever was tested can register for the Parker Project on the FamilyTreeDNA home page and, if there is a match to one of the 38 Family Groups, they'll be added in the appropriate place when the administrators get to it.

Good luck.

Thanks for your advice and for the all helpful information, William.  I really appreciate it.  I will email my matches and see if they are part of the Parker DNA project and if they know their family group! :)  

I know we have corresponded in the past ... Have you completed the FTDNA "family finder" test or the 23andMe "relative finder" test? Highly recommended!

Hi Trevor! Yes, I've done the Family Finder Test. Since I have no male dna to test (obviously) I did the autosomal test which finds both sides of a person's family for 5 generations. I've matched with a lot of people, with two matches to people with "Parker" in their lines. (Actually, the person I most closely match with is one of those but we don't know the connection.) I'm adopted, so there is no starting point for me. I belong to the Parker DNA project. Just waiting for a breakthrough...Thanks!

I hope we can find your connection one day soon!

Thank you!!!! Me, too.  :) -M


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