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Do you have any information on Parkers from Duplin County, NC? There is a Parker Cemetery in Chinquapin, NC.

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I have seen some data on some Parkers from Duplin. If I run across it again, I will let you know.

My John Parker died leaving a will in Duplin Co., NC in 1788.  He did not name all his children, however.

This is my transcription of the original will, preserving spelling and writing to the best of my ability.


In the Name of god Amen the 27th of March 1785

I John Parker being sick in body but of good memo

ry thanks be to god for it and calling to remembrance the

uncertain Estate of this Transetory life and that all flesh

must yield unto Death. When it shall please god to call

Do make constitute ordain and Declare This my Last Will &

Testament Revokein and Annulling by these presents

All and Every Will and Wills Testament and Testaments here

and This is to be taken only for my Last Will and Testament

And Now for the setling of my temporal Estate and such goods

Chatles and Debts as it hath pleased god far above my

Deserts to bestow upon me I Do order give and Dispose the

same Manner and form following That is to say first

I will that all Those Debts & dues That I owe in Right or

Conscience to Any person shall be well and Truly paid or

ordained to be paid Within convenient Time after my dis

cease Item I give and bequeath to My son PETER Parker one

hundred Acres of Land - Whereon I Now Dwell and one Two year old

horse and 2 Cows and one year old and a Calf Item I give and bequeth

To my Wife ELIZABETH Parker one mare and one horse Item

I give also to my Wife Elizabeth Parker two cows & three year

old Creatures and three Two year olds one hieffer & one steer one

bull to have peaceably During the Term of her life & after-

wards to be Equally Divided among all my children Item I give

and bequeath to my Daughter SARAH Parker one Cow and one year

old and a calf Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter RACHEL

Parker one cow and one Two year old hieffer & a calf Item I give

and bequeath to my Daughter MARY Parker one cow and one

year old hieffer Item I give and bequeath to My Wife

Elizabeth Parker Nine head of sheep to have Dureing __ term

of her life afterwards To be equally Divided among All my other

Children in Witness Whereunto I have here set my

hand and seal this 27 Day of March 1783


Test Dems Taylor John JP Parker SEAL


State of No. Carolina April Term 1788

Duplin County The within Will was proved in open Court by

the oath of Demse Taylor and the Court have

ordered that administration be Granted to

Daniel Parker on the Estate of the said

John Parker Deceased with a coppey of the

within Will thereto annesced. ? __

Ordered that Letters issue accordingly

Test W Dickson C. C.

Note: John Parker's mark appears to be a "J" with a "P" written over it.

Duplin Co, NC court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1788-1791/McEachern pg 2, 21 (Oct 15, 1787 County Court, John's widow was ordered to bring sons, Asa and Jacob, to be apprenticed out to Adonijah Garrison and Henry Pickett.)

Later the order was X'd out probably since John Parker had left adequate estate to take care of the surviving family.


Asa Parker, Sr. b. 1775 NC was my direct ancestor from John.  Asa m. Phoebe Wood or Woods and lived in Jefferson Co., GA before the migration to Monroe Co., AL and Lauderdale Co.,  MS where descendants live today.


Would love to hear from interested persons!




Did John Parker have any brothers?  I am related to Enoch Parker who lived in Duplin County, NC in the late 1700's.  Do you have Enoch in your tree any where?

I'm sorry, David, but I do not have Enoch Parker in my database.  Glad to check other names for you!


Hi. My name is Amy Ruffin, from Bladen County. My Grt Grt Grandpa was originally from Duplin County. I am at a standstill with my Parker family. I do know for a fact they come from Duplin, I just cant trace them. Maybe you can help. My dad use to visit with my grt grandpa when he was a kid, Leslie Parker. His father was Thomas Kenan Parker, and had a brother named Manley Thomas Parker. Their mother was Mary Thedonia Harrell. Thomas K. and Mary T. is buried in Clarkton, NC. which where I get stuck. I cant find Thomas K. and Manley's father. Maybe you can help?

Amy P. Ruffin


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