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I have below referenced a note published in several different places, including my Uncle Ray's book. This particular citation is from the Leak County History page at Rootsweb.
The Joshua Parker referenced is by all accounts known to me, my GGG Grandfather. Does anyone have any connections with him? Many devoted family researchers have ground to a dead halt with this line right here in Leakesville. A recurring theme in all references, including Census info, is that Joshua Joseph/Joseph Joshua was born in Kentucky, 10/30/1798.

"According to Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Mississippi (Vol. I) (Chicago - The Goodspeed Publishing Co. 1891 / John Morris Co. - Printers, Chicago, pp. 227-8), "Leake County was established December 25, 1833 and named in honor of Governor [Walter] Leake. It is in townships nine, ten, eleven and twelve north, and ranges six, seven, eight and nine east of the Choctaw meridian. The total area is five hundred and sixty square miles.
"Among the white pioneers were Henry Harper, who was elected first representative; Judge John WIlliams, John D. Boyd (served as state senator and died while a member at Jackson of small-pox, January, 1844); Patrick Sharkey, Thomas Harris, Isom Daniel, J. E. Allen, J. M. Hooper (who built the first courthouse - built of pine poles with bark on), William Gordon, Edmond Hamilton, Elias Bennett, Uriah Babbett, Judge W. W. Arnett, Joshua Parker, Barry W. Johnson, Rev. Elijah Willbanks (of Princetown Baptist church), Benjamin F. Watkins and Abram Buford."

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Joshua Joseph and Elizabeth Carson had all their children in Leake, Mississippi. Anyone or anything sound familiar? This family was in the Choctaw Nation, which is what Leake County and alot of the territory around there was before the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit took effect, which caused most of the Choctaw peoples to lose their lands and holdings in 1833.
I know that Elizabeth Carson's father John Carson had land somewhere around here, I'll have to look it up, but those dots don't really connect anyway, as far as I can tell. Elizabeth was born in 1811 in "Mississippi", an area of land that was still a Territory. Most researchers believe her mother was Sarah Bates. Following is the list of Joshua Joseph Parker and Elizabeth Carson children:
William Calhoun PARKER b: 01 JUL 1831 in Leake County, Mississippi
Harriet M. PARKER b: 25 DEC 1832 in Leake County, Mississippi
Aubry Hulsey PARKER b: 27 DEC 1833 in Leake County, Mississippi
Frances PARKER b: 17 JUN 1836 in Leake County, Mississippi
Henrietta M. PARKER b: 28 DEC 1838 in Leake County, Mississippi
Sarah J. PARKER b: 02 FEB 1841 in Leake County, Mississippi
John C. PARKER b: 04 JUN 1843 in Leake County, Mississippi
Julia H. PARKER b: 27 FEB 1846 in Leake County, Mississippi

After Elizabeth died or was killed, JJ Parker married Eleanor Berry. They had one son:
Joshua Jackson PARKER b: 28 MAY 1870 in Belton, Bell County, Texas
Hello, my relatives and friends- what do you have to say?
Hasta luego :)
Have you made any progress beyond this? If not I can help. Joshua Jackson Parker was killed in 1902, I have ground to a halt trying to find out exactly how he was killed. There are three different stories, but all end with him being shot.
Joshua Joseph Parker and Elizabeth Carson Parker are my GG grandparents.
Aubry Hulsey is my G grandpa.
Aubry Husley Parker and Mary Elizabeth Berry would be my great grandparents and Thomas Franklin Parker and Magaret Serena Treadwell would be my grandparents.
Hi again, Marian-
In fact, I think I have a picture of Thomas Franklin, too!
I am so happy to hear from you! Mary Ellen Parker Coward was my G Grandmother, Ephraim Coward my G grandfather. Their daughter Nora Ethel was my dear grandmother.
Hi Susie,

I'm wondering what picture you have of Thomas "Frank" Parker. I've been told that there are only two known pictures of him in existence. The one that I have a copy of was made around 1899. He was dressed in uniform holding a rifle and was getting ready for deployment to the Phillipines during the Spanish American War period.
I guess you and I would be 1st cousins, twice removed??
Marian Parker W.
Hi Marian-
My grandmother Nora Ethel, daughter of Mary Ellen Parker, my GG grandmother, daughter of Aubrey Hulsey and Elizabeth Carson, had many pictures, as did a trunk that belonged to Mary Ellen, that dated back to the late 1800's. Mary Ellen had left Kenedy, Texas, to go live and work in Los Angeles in the mid 1930's. My grandmother Nora and father Jack, his sister Jeanette, and their siblings lived in Los Angeles. I had the trunk of Mary Ellen's, and marveled for several years over the things inside. There were many pictures, spoons,sewing stuff, lace,... letters, postcards, miscellaneous goodies. My grandmother Nora, who lived in San Diego and Los Angeles, later came to live with us at my parents home in Northern California, where she passed away after several years. The trunk that belonged to Mary Ellen, along with most of my grandmother's things, was removed to my Aunt Ruby's house in LA, and as far as I know, later lost in a fire at her house. However, I have many, many photos and other odds and ends. I have many pictures, some of them dating back the the late 1800's, of family, relatives, friends. My grandmother was a collector/saver of things. I believe, as far as I have been able to identify them, that most of these relatives/ancestors, lived in Texas, Louisianan, and California. I have a picture of Thomas Franklin Parker, with a stamp that says Oakland.
Is Douglas your father? I wanted to call and visit him when i was in North Texas, and didn't. I will be back up there in the fall, and would love to visit him. I believe I also have some pictures of him, as a child and I think there is one of him as an adult.
Yes, Marian, we are cousins!
I have, I believe, 2 pictures of Serena. I guess I need to try to scan all this before they're ruined or lost.
I found a copy of an 1870 census report of Bell County, TX, that indicates that Joshua later married a woman named Ellen (not Eleanor). This person was previously married to Thomas Leander Berry. At first, upon researching, I believed that Thomas Leander Berry was married to Eleanor Berry who was Samuel Berry and Nancy Crow's daughter. However, what I found in the 1870 census was that Joshua Joseph Parker who is my GGG-grandfather had married a woman named "Ellen", not "Eleanor". This Ellen was previously married to Thomas Leander Berry and after he died she married Joshua Joseph Parker Parker in 1867 in Bell Co., TX. The children from the union of Ellen and Thomas Leander Berry then became Joshua Joseph Parker's step children. If this person was Eleanor, she would have been born in 1828, but according to the census, "Ellen" would have been born in 1833 (37 years old in 1870 census). Also Eleanor Berry being the daughter of Samuel Berry and Nancy Crow would have been married to her very own nephew, Thomas Leander Berry, the grandson of Samuel Berry and Nancy Crow. I just don't believe that was so after viewing the 1870 census, for which I'm glad. I wish I knew Ellen's maiden name. My G-grandparents were Aubrey Husley Parker and Mary Elizabeth Berry. My grandparents were Thomas Franklin Parker and Margaret Serena Parker. Mary Elizabeth Berry was the daughter of Thomas Leander Berry and Ellen ?. This is the same Ellen that married Joshua Joseph Parker in his late years. This means that Mary Elizabeth Berry Parker's mother and step-mother was the same person; howerver, she was married to Aubrey Husley Parker before her mother married Joshua Joseph Parker. What a mind bender!
Uh huh. All these relations/relationships are very intertwined. Don't let apparent close kin releationships disturb or throw you off. People back then were much more accustomed to being taken in, and completely being considered part of a family.
The Berry's and the Parkers and all the other associated clan have a long history of togetherness.
I have spent about a gillion hours researching, looking at migration patterns, seeing who lived where when and looking at branches through marriages, to try to unravel and find some clues to how to clarify these ancestors and relatives lives. It has been very interesting and shrouded in mystery. Surely more and more of us are going to appear and we can share knowledge and sort this out.
There is considerable doubt about the parentage of both Eleanor Berry and Thomas Leander Berry. The main thing that connects Eleanor to Nancy Crowe, as far as I can recall, is the mention in Nancy Crowe's will that 11 heirs existed. However, all of her other children are listed by name.

Below are some other places in MS that I find the name Joshua Parker.  


My Parker are part of family 5 and are often found living among family 7.   My Aaron Parker was born ~1770 and died 1833.   He was married to Tabitha Raborn (1772-1856)


Below is some early land patent that may be of interest.  I find that the earliest dates of "Patent DATES" can be off by as much as 5 years from the time that the land was actually purchased. Many counties that still have land records have the correct date of the purchase of patent and not the final approval sign date by the President.

10/8.1835  Mark Raburn of Yazoo got land    N1/2 E1/2 NE  Sec 3 T13N R2E

9/21/1835 Mark Raburn of Yazoo got land      S1/2 E1/2 NE Sec 3 T12N-R2E  (Holmes County)

Yazoo   9-30-1834 Luke Parker of Madison, 40.23 acres, S1/2 W1/2 NE section 12 T10N, R2W

Yazoo   12-10 1840   Wm E Parker   T14 R1W Section 31, Tesheva Creek, North part of Yazoo/Holmes line

Yazoo   1-5-1841  Josuha J Parker, 80.22 acres,  E1/2 NE section 23, T12N, R1W 

Yazoo   8-1-1844  Isaiah Brown and Margaret Parker, pre-exemption,  w1/2 NE section 23, T10N, R3W 

Holmes  4/10/1827 William E Parker of LA            w1/2 sw section 30 T14E R1E

Holmes  4/10/1827 William E Parker of LA            w1/2 nw section 30 T14E R1E

Holmes  9/30/1835 Burwell Parker of Holmes       N1/2 E1/2 SE Sec 8                 T14N R3E

Holmes  1840  Burwell Parker of Holmes              W1/2 NE Sec 8        T14N R3E

Holmes  1840  Burwell Parker of Holmes              S1/2 E1/2 NW Sec 8 T14N R3E

Holmes  1841  Burwell Parker of Holmes              W1/2 NE Sec 9        T14N R3E

Holmes  2/10/1840  Aaron Parker of Holmes        S1/2 E1/2 SE Sec 25       T13N R3E (Holmes)

Holmes  2/10/1840 Simon W. Parker of Holmes     N1/2 E1/2 NE section 18         T13N r4e

Holmes  6/25/1841 Sarah Parker of Holmes            w/12 se Section 30, T14N , R1E

Yazoo.   1829 Joshua J Parker section 23, T12N R1W

Yazoo,  1844 Margaret Parker section 23 T10N R3W

Yazoo, 1835 Luke Parker section 13 T10T R2W

Yazoo/Homes line  1840 ____ Parker  section 31 T4N R1W 


1830 Fed. MS, Madison –31 Joshua J Parker        000231                    -1001

Most of Madison County Comb. Tax list is very hard to read. Formed from Yazoo in 1828

1828 Madison County tax list James Raburn

1829 Madison County tax list  Layfette Parker

1833 Madison County tax list Dennis Myers, James Raborn

1834 Madison County tax list Benj.B. Parker, Ioshicad Parker

1835 Madison County tax list Joshua J Parker

Land Patent

1835 & 1840 Joshua J Parker                 T9N  R5E section7/7/8


1837 MS, State Census  Madison- James Rayburn, Frances & Joseph Cryder, Joshua J Parker, Lazerne Myers, John W. Boyd (No Graham)





Rankin county land patent






008N - 005E









008N - 005E





This Joshua J Parker does not appear in tax list or census of Rankin county



Louisiana -- St. Helen Land - Conveyance


Book b - 91-118: Spr. 28, 1812; ABRAM MARNIER(?) sold to JOSHUA PARKER,for $100, an improvement on the SW side of Twelve Mile Creek; improved by vendor in 1801.  Bounded W by HENRY JACOBS, E by Mrs. NETTLES & EPHM. DEAL. Wits.: DUNCAN CURRY, WILLIAM SPILLER, J. NORTON.


Book a -   31-37: Mar. 1, 1813 = Joshua PARKER of S.H. Par., for $150, sold to the heirs of the Robert CHILDERS estate a tract on twelve-mile

creek, situated between John WEST on the North and Mrs. NETTLES on the South, which improvement was made by Abraham MOURNING before the year 1803.  Wits.: L.H. MOORE & Uriel KING.  Presented for recording by Lawrence H. MOOR on Feb. 3, 1814; Uriel KING then deceased.


Joshua Parker married 19 April 1814 in Amite County MS to Nancy Wilson

Book 1 page 180   - 19 Apr 1814    (bondsman Samuel B Laughridge)



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