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PARKER IN AMERICA 1630 - 1910 by Augustus G. Parker
From PARKER IN AMERICA 1630 - 1910 by Augustus G. Parker, Buffalo, N.Y. published in 1910.

Published in 1911, Niagara frontier publishing company (Buffalo, N.Y)
{Modified 10 Nov 2001 because comparison to the original Boston Transcript notes revealed typesetting errors in PARKER IN AMERICA. A large block of lines of text were misplaced which grossly distorted the information for the JAMES(1) line.}

{Also on 10 Nov 2001, additional comments found in the Boston Transcript were inserted to modify or clarify various items. These comments are enclosed in braces “{ }” in this text.}

[p. 529]


In 1905 a writer over the initials of W. H. M. A., contributed a series of articles to the Boston Transcript relating to the genealogy of four of five bros. who were early in America, and whose descendants are now numerous. Through the kindness of Wm. A. Parker, then of Kansas City, Mo., now St. Joseph, Mo., the articles were sent to the compiler of this work, who gives them space because of the convenience it will be for descendants to obtain the genealogy of their remote ancestry:

{Started in 15 Mar 1905 issue of Boston Transcript as Note *694 and continues intermittently throughout 1905 as various “Parts” to this Note.}

{Part I. Parker of Chelmsford and Groton.}

In the early settlement of Chelmsford and Billerica, Mass., appeared five men of the name of Parker—namely, Abraham, Jacob, James, Joseph, John. Most of them were bros. and it is believed all were thus related. At least two of their number had previously resided at Woburn.
John settled in Billerica with the first of its pioneers and until his death, June 14, 1667, was the leading man of the town. He left a wid., Mary, who had formerly been wid. of John Poulter. She m., third, April 19, 1674, Thomas Chamberlain. John Parker left no chn., but descendants of his bros. were numerous. The writer has often had occasion to investigate this family, and except for what is given of certain branches in Butler‘s “Groton” in over-concise form, and with some erroneous connections, the lack of information in print has necessitated recourse to
[p. 530]
original records. An effort is here made to account for the first three generations with some degree of system for the benefit of all who are interested. In doing this, examination has been made of town and probate records, together with over 500 deeds. These efforts should lead to a considerable degree of accuracy, and nearly all members of that period are accounted for, but some things are lacking, and it is earnestly requested that those who can supply additions and corrections will send them to the Transcript.
The early Parkers were a fine, prominent and interesting family, and they deserve more attention than they have, heretofore, received. In this article the bros. and their descendants are divided into separate groups as follows: First, Abraham, second Jacob, third James, fourth Joseph.

Go to the web site for the full geneology record:

A large number of letters have been received since the publication of my Parker article, and the interest it has aroused has been very agreeable to me. This interest is a substantial reward to my labors.


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John Parker abt 1770 Lunenburg and Brunswick VA

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Comment by Raymond Lee Britt on July 27, 2013 at 8:26pm

Mrs Mary Parker-Fabian, I am so interested in history, especially family history.  I find your stories about family so intriguing.  I do hope this part of the Parker site will enable me to find stories of your like for my great grandmothers, Sarah Jane Parker-Brett, from the area around Hertford, Northampton and Chowan Counties of North Carolina, as well as Isle of Wight, Southampton and Nansemond Counties of Virginia.

I am very new to this site, and do hope also to contribute to it as I get deeper into the cracks of history regarding Sarah Jane "Sallie" Parker-Brett.

Thank you so much for the opportunities you give for all to find and discover a part of their heritage.


Sgt Raymond L. Britt, USMC (OAMAAM)

Vietnam Veteran

Cold War Veteran

Police Worker

Deputy Sheriff

Selected State Trooper

Comment by Raymond Lee Britt on July 27, 2013 at 8:10pm

Two things are of interest to me.  The surname Parker through my grandmother, Sarah Jane Parker, of Hertford County, NC, an the fact that she was born, raised, and married within the same area of locality as she was born, that of Hertford, Northampton, Chowan counties of North Carolina, USA.

And two, the fact that Parkers help form and bring this same area within Virginia and North Carolina from the very beginning of this nation, along with my other surname relatives as Britt, Brett, Brito, Baggett, Bagod, and Bagot.  Actually there is a third interest.  It seems that all of these families are from the southwestern part of England, especailly from around County Somerset and Kent, Essex, England.  Would imagine these same families rubbed elbows in England, as well when they immigrated to this new world.

Would anyone like to comment re Sarah Jane Parker, the locations where she lived, and the interplay between the same families here in America as well as in the southwestern part of England?  

I would appreciate any and all remarks.

Comment by James David Parker on February 6, 2013 at 8:56am

We still need to find the actual connection between my James and Elder John. New Jersey area is definitely the place to look. Closest line I can see is Robert1630 to Elisha to John to Thomas/Elisher? I'm just guessing for now. I had hoped to find out the hard way but got frustrated like every other Parker looking into my tree. Maybe you'll show this to one of your males and they'll see the value. We sure do now.

Dreaming of completing a reverse trip from Illinois back through Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, New Jersey and finally to Hyannis Port, MA

Comment by Mary Parker-Fabian on February 6, 2013 at 6:06am

James, thank you for adding that information! :)  I wish there were a (willing) male Parker in my line to take the Parker dna test to see which line we're descended from.  I know that there is a test now for we females, but I'm a little sketchy with the details, and I don't think that it'll tell me which Parker dna group I'm descended from.

Comment by James David Parker on February 5, 2013 at 6:08pm

James Parker b.1752 m. Anna Doty b.1765 NJ is now in Parker yDNA Family Group 5. And yes, that is the same as Elder John b. 1758 Md. after all and Robert b.1630s lived in Barnstable, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts.  Other names listed: Thomas b.1736, Asher b. 1757,  Aaron 1770-1833, John b.1760 Pa. and a George, Richard and Wayne. 

Comment by D. Wesley Jarrett on August 1, 2010 at 7:48pm
Shannon, My Parker line as of now begins with William D. Parker who in 1840 shows up on a census in Union Co. Illinois. He was born in Pa. 1802. He first married Nancy Wilkenson in 1835 (Illinois) and they had three children ; Monroe Dudley Parker b. 1836 , William Harrison Parker b. 1840 and Nancy Parker b. 1844.
Nancy Wilkerson died in 1845 in Union Co Ill. William D. remarried Missenniah Kitts in 1847 . She had several children (Outland) to bring into this marriage and had one more with William D. Parker. He was Lorenzo Parker b. 1848 also in Union Co. William sold his 40 acres of land in Union Co Illinois and records show he died in Arkansas in 1861. Oddly his son William Harrison Parker enlisted and fought for a while with the 7th Arkansas Infantry. There could be a connection with William D. Parker to other Parker family in Illinois or in Arkansas as I have no records showing his father or brothers or sisters. The river systems brought many families farther into the new territories as they were opened and also scattered them along the way. Possibly William D. is a child of one mentioned as going to Pa. and then to Illinois. Any comments or records are more than welcome as at this point I am grasping for straws.
Comment by Iris Helen Seyfried on February 17, 2010 at 5:20pm
Robert Jacobs: Sounds plausible to me, but you didn't list a Rhoda as child of John and Rhoda. What puzzles me is how a Rhode Island man met and married a North Carolina girl. Their daughter was born in Rhode Island. That was Olive Hopkins, my 2nd great grandmother. There were some Parkers in the same area of Rhode Island as my Barnet Hopkins, but don't know the connection. Thank you for checking. iris
Comment by Robert Jacobs on February 17, 2010 at 9:04am
Go to my website
I am always updating the website, LOTS more to put online. I just started building it two weeks ago.

Comment by Robert Jacobs on February 17, 2010 at 9:01am
I would think that your Rhoda Parker was named after my Rohda Parker.
John and Rohda Parker


He was born 23 Feb 1753 in Beaverdam Township, Sampson County NC, and died 07 July 1838 in Bladen County NC. He married RHODA BEDSOLE, daughter of WILLIAM BEDSOLE and RHODA WEST. She was born 1755 in North Carolina, and died Unknown in Bladen County NC


He applied for a pension from the American Revolution war and was granted. When he died she applied for and was granted a pension. She listed her age as 76.

Children of JOHN PARKER and RHODA BEDSOLE are:

i. SIMON PETER PARKER, b. 1786, Beaverdam Township, Sampson County NC.; d. 1875, Elba, Coffee County AL; m. (1) NANCY HAITAWAY, 1816, Sampson County. North Carolina; b. 1790, North Carolina; d. 1825, Dale County AL; m. (2) FRANCES BARLOW HALL, 1826, Elba , Coffee County AL; b. 1798, North Carolina; d. 1860, Elba, Coffee County AL

ii. EASTER PARKER, b. 1788, Sampson County North Carolina; d. 1880, Coffee County AL


She came to Alabama with the Thomas Cole family. Easter is buned in the Cole family Cemetary. Roger Parker has never found the connection with the Cole family.

iii. DANIEL PARKER, b. 1790, Sampson County North Carolina; d. 1850, Unk.

iv. ALFRED PARKER, b. 1805, Sampson County North Carolina; d. Unknown, Unk.

v. THOMAS R. PARKER, b. 1817, Sampson County. North Carolina; d. 1880, Cedar creek Township, Cumberland County NC; m. CHARITY BEDSOLE; b. 1808, Bladen County NC; d. 1880, Cedar Creek Township, Cumberland County NC.


Burial: 1880, Cedar Creek Township, Cumberland County NC

vi. SALLY PARKER, b. Unknown, North Carolina; d. Unknown, Unk.
Comment by Iris Helen Seyfried on February 17, 2010 at 2:14am
Robert Jacobs:
Do you have anything on Rhoda Parker, who married Barnet Hopkins of Providence Co., Rhode Island? Their daughter, Olive was born in 1797. Olive was the wife of Asahel Hopkins (1st cousins) and they were the parents of my great grandmother, Charlotte Ann Hopkins. Thank you. Iris

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