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Quanah Parker Family History

This site is to link the descendents of Quanah Parker, Cynthia Ann & Peta Nacona, Elder John Family ancestors, the Elder John Parker & Parker families who traveled west and settled the Parker families at Fort Parker in Texas.

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Cynthia Ann Parker and Peta Nacona

Cynthia Parker and Peta Nacona mother died. She was captured by Comanche, 9years old.Love Indian and wildlife so well no want to go back to white folks. All same people , God say . I love my mother .I like white people. Got great heart. I want my people follow after white way , get educated,know work,make living when payments stop . I want my people follow after white way ." I give you Quanah Parker Last Chief of the Comanche . He was born in the year 1850, on Elk Creek just below the Wichita Mountains To the great War Chief Peta Nocona ,who's name in english ment He who Travles Alone and Returns . And to Naudah ( Cynthia Ann Parker ) To them his would be called QUANAH PARKER .
Cynthia Ann Parker was captured at the age of 9 by the Quahada warriors in 1836. She lived with her family , farmers and preachers of the hard shell Baptist fath , in a settlement along the banks of the Navasota River , which later would come to be know as Limestone County , Texas. Cynthia Ann Parker was adopted by a family who grew to love her to much to sell her for ransom . Her foster family were a part of Chief Pa-ha-u-ka's band.
Quanah Parker also had a brother Pee-nah and a sister Prairie Flower . Quanah Parker lived two lives , one as a Comanche Chief and worrier, and one as a true diplomat . They use to say that the only thing that would make a good indian out of Quanah Parker was a fatal bullet . Many whites called him the demon on horseback . In 1875 Quanah Parker gave up his war ways and accepted a cramped , sedentary reservation life .

Quanah Parker had 8 wives and 25 children . They all lived in one home . Which was called Star House . Below I am going to give you some of the family lines from the family historys .

I found a Newspaper article that I would like to share with you . This is the Obituary that was written on the day of his death . Quanah Parker , chief of the Comanches , man amoung men and chieftain amoung chieftains,has gone to the Great Father . He died at his ranch near here at five minutes past noon . Twenty minutes after his return from a visit with the Cheyennes near Harmon Oklahoma . The immediate cause of death was heart failure caused by rheumatism, according to the physician called Dr. J. A. Perisho of Cache . The Chief was dying on the Train comming from Snyder but with primitive stoicism he determined to live untill he reached home. His favorite wife , To-Nicy, by his side ,the dying chief sat quietly , his head bowed and his limbs trembling . When the train reached Cache he arose and walked from the train unaided and sat in the waiting room . Dr Perisho was called and gave him a heart stimulant .and the chief was then rushed to his home in the automobile of his son in law Emmit Cox. He was helped into the house and laied on a couch. He arose unaided while Knox Beal , a white man raised from childhood by the Comanche Chief, took off his outer garments. " Have you any objections to the doctor of the whiteman treating you ? " asked To-pay one of his wives , in Comanche. " No it is good I'm ready " said Quanah . The Indian woman seemed to know the end was near. They motioned to the physician Beal, anda friend to leave the room while " Cotes-E-Wyne " , the Indians ' last resort was administered by Quas-E-I, a medicine man . "Father in heaven this is our brother coming ", prayed the medicine man . Placing an arm about the dying chief , he flapped his hands and imitated the call of the Great Eagle, the messenger of the Great Father Then an eagle bone was thrust in Quanah's throat to open it and To-nicy , his favorite , squirted a mouthfull of water down his throat , He coughed , gasped , moved his lips feebly, and died ,just twenty minutes after his arrival . It had been the Eagles last wish to live untill the marble monument was placed over his mothers grave . Only two weeks before he died , he had seen it in place, and now he layed beside his mother , united with her at last in the bosom of Mother Earth . A spear shaped ceder pointing towards heaven was planted at the head of his grave . A red granite headstone , authorized by Congress , was quarried from the nearby Wichita Mountains . On it was inscribed the following RESTING HERE UNTILL DAYBREAKS AND SHDOWS FALL AND DARKNESS DISAPPEARS IS QUANAH PARKER LAST CHIEF * OF THE COMANCHES BORN 1852 DIED FEB 23,1911

Quanah fed a great many Comanche Indians , had a great herds of cattle, horses in 1890 ,and when he died in 1911 , he did not have many left because he was so generous . Chief in two worlds, he was a Comanche to the last.

I would like to thank both of Quanah Parkers Great Grandsons and Grandson for being here tonight . It is an honor to be with you .

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Comment by Amanda Ventura/Runnels yesterday

Hi I am new to the site, Iv'e recently taken a DNA test with 23andme my haplogroup is ROa, I'm not sure yet on how to interpret it. I matched a man named Marshall Parker for second to third cousin at 94 percent. I need help figuring out my ancestry as more than have of my close relatives are deceased. I was told by my aunt Melissa Bolden/White that we are related to Quanah Parker. My Great great grandmother was named Lola Ellen White born in 1913 in Arkansas she is buried in Collinsville TX, My great great grandpa is Grandpa is Alton Wayne white born in Anson TX, in 1913. This is where I lose the connection through my great great great grandpa who is Levi White and he was born in comanche TX. He was married to a full Comanche Indian woman who I can't figure out because I don't know her name and this women is related to Quanah Parker some how. My great great great grandpa Levi White could possibly be comanche and cherokee Indian as well. I'm not certain if he is this is just what my aunt has told me. So if anyone could help me find my ancestry and who this comanche Indian women wasthat Levi White was married to. or any information that could help me fill in the gaps. I also have DNA testing if needed. Thanks 

Comment by Jennifer Parker on September 25, 2013 at 8:21am
I have many questions my grandmother was told that her mother Ludie Elizabeth Parker Carson was the first cousin of Cythia Anne. Her fathers name was Benjamin Parker and I believe he lived in Arkansas. Can anyone help me to learn more. I know Isaac C Parker was his brother but I can't find a list of Isaac's siblings to prove this.
Comment by Kelly Parks on July 12, 2013 at 2:01pm

Elder John Parker is part of what is called Family Group #5,  Nathaniel Parker is thought to be long to family group #18.  for more on DNA see

Comment by James David Parker on July 12, 2013 at 12:11pm --BUT---He was not Elder John's father, nor my 4ggf James' -though as stated numerous times by me and others..ElderJohn and my James are near genetic matches. This Nathaniel did marry a Bledsoe widow according to several articles I have found...just as I have discovered that reading about what someone else writes won't make it a fact. I'm highly confident about this. The mystery remains.

Comment by Ola Ann Gwen Bilbrey-Reynolds on July 11, 2013 at 11:09am

Was Nathaniel PARKER also married to Mary BLEDSOE?  The Parkers are such a mystery to me..... 

Comment by James David Parker on March 20, 2013 at 6:41pm

And for the record, though not officially updated, I am P376 according to D.West and have same yDNA as PF5. Now for my intrigue...

I submit myJames and yourJohn are either brothers, cousins or uncle/nephew.  If you want to dig into New Jersey wills of other families of -Samuel Alexander m. widowParker, -David Grant f-n-law of Parker, each mention TWO (2) minor sons of David.  And before, when a David's father James passed.  He and siblings were mentioned in other family wills -John Johnston.  And a John before them passed early as well.  That IMHO is how two fine gentlemen pioneers go on to live and procreate such large lines without ancestry or inheritance outside of war grants.  

My line with 2ggf John Alexander, ggf John Alexander Logan -Parkers have several James', Johns/Jonathans and Davids, but no Alexanders anywhere else on either side -to my knowledge.  EXCEPT: Lord Stirling (brother of the Alexander who m.w.Parker) has a large named park in Basking Ridge. And just now looking that up I see Berkeley Heights just to the east -reminds me that there is a whole row of Berkeleys resting right next to myJames and Anna in Parker Cemetery -Westfield, Illinois. But "we" have no family related to them we?

There is a good chance the Barnstable -Robert/Elisha brothers have myDavid in Yarmouth but I can't get back across to Baltimore County or New Jersey without six pounds of speculation.  I'm a few short.

-my James m. Anna Doty of Edward "Mayflower" Doty.  The Doty's from Basking Ridge, Somerset, New Jersey.

A -James Parker from New Jersey went to New York to learn the law under -James Alexander and the families intermarry.

-myJames is sometimes said to have been born in either Connecticut or New York. One other Parker from same line was born in Staten Island, New York -just across the water and not far at all from where my Doty family lived.

-myJames is said to have been in the Battle of Monmouth,NJ.  And later, on the move near the end of the war at the Battle of Blue Licks way west/south...but nearer Kentucky where he raised 5 sons and at least one daughter.

Comment by Mary Parker-Fabian on March 20, 2013 at 4:52pm

Hi Kelly, I guess I missed that tidbit of information! My apologies to the group!  If so, then please disregard.

Comment by Kelly Parks on March 20, 2013 at 4:52pm

Those Parker families in Dickson seem to fall into 2 families groups.


PARKER Family Group 18      P233 was added to this group on 23 Feb 2009. He descends from Nathaniel PARKER, born 1730 in Hampshire County, Virginia, died in 1803 in Sumner County Tennessee. Nathaniel married Ann CLAYTON.
PARKER Family Group 5    P41 was added to this group on 25 March 2005. He matches P32 35/37, and P01 34/37.  P41 is descended from Daniel PARKER, son of Elder John PARKER, who was born 1758 in Baltimore Co. Md, and died 1836 in Fort Parker, Texas. This is the line of Cynthia PARKER, mother of Quanah PARKER. This match was unexpected by both PARKER lines, and his given them new areas for research.
   P45 was added to this family group on 30 May 2005. He is descended from Benjamin PARKER, son of Elder John PARKER. Benjamin is the brother of Daniel PARKER, ancestor of P41. With matching DNA samples from descendents of two different sons of elder John PARKER, b 1758 Baltimore, MD, we are confident that we have the DNA profile of this line. Anyone with a family oral tradition of descent from Elder John and the line of Cynthia PARKER, can now confirm or disprove that by comparing their DNA to P41 and P45.
   P72 was added to this group on 13 Dec 2005 following receipt of his DNA test results. He matches the mode for this group on 31 of 32 markers. DNA testing has resulted in a revision of the genealogy of P72 (and many more PARKERs). It now appears that P72 does not descend from John PARKER, 1569 Southhampton, England. His oldest confirmed PARKER is now George PARKER, born 1695-1770, who married Sarah WARRINGTON.
   P97 was added to Parker Family group 5 on 17 May 2006. He matches the modal values for this group on 25 of 25 markers. His oldest confirmed ancestor is George PARKER who died in Worcester (now Wicomico) County, Maryland in 1770. He wife was Sarah WARRINGTON. As is the case for P72, P97 also thought that his line of descent was from John PARKER, 1569, Southhampton England, prior to the DNA test. It is now apparent that there were at least two unrelated PARKER lines in the Eastern Shore area in the early 1700's. And of course they used the same given names in both lines, making separation difficult.
   P107 was added to this group on 8 July 2006. He matches the modal values for Family Group 5 on all 37 markers tested. The oldest ancestor of P107 is George PARKER born about 1695-1705, place unknown. He died in 1770 in Worcester Co., MD. George married Sarah WARRINGTON after February 1726 in Worcester Co., MD. Sarah was born about 1704 in Cedar Creek Hundred, Sussex County, DE, and died after 1770 in Worcester Co., MD.

Comment by Kelly Parks on March 20, 2013 at 4:46pm

Mary, you haven't been following DNA testing discussion, almost 2 years ago discussion was....  Nathaniel Parker DNA does not match Elder John Parker..

Comment by Mary Parker-Fabian on March 20, 2013 at 4:35pm 

Nathaniel Parker (b. 1730, d. 1803)

Nathaniel Parker (son of John Parker and unknown) was born 1730 in HAMPSHIRE VA, and died 1803 in SUMNER, Tenn. He married Ann Clayton.

 Includes NotesNotes for Nathaniel Parker:
Isaac was sent for and to identify Cynthia Ann, he then took her to his home in Tarrant County Texas

Children of Nathaniel Parker and Ann Clayton are:

  1. Isaac Parker, d. 1803, SUMNER, Tenn.
  2. +Daniel E Parker, b. December 1756, Albemarle, VA, USA,, d. August 14, 1844, Thomaston, Upson, GA, USA.
  3. +Thomas Parker, b. January 8, 1757, BALTIMORE MARYLAND, d. December 18, 1819.
  4. +Elder John Parker, b. September 6, 1758, Baltimore County, Maryland, d. May 19, 1836, Fort Parker massacre.

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