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ELisha Parker c. 1725 - 1807, of Pasquotank, Perquimans, Wayne and Richmond Counties, NC - Quaker

Elisha Parker, a Quaker, was the father of Clarkey Parker, who married Thomas Henby (my line). 

Elisha Parker was b. say 1725.  He married say 1753, Elizabeth _______.  There is an early DAR application that showed her as Elizabeth Peele, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Peele.  Robert Peele was b. Nasemond County, Virginia d. Rich Square, Northamp-ton County NC.  This line has since been red-lined, with the comment that Robert’s will names his daughter as Elizabeth Bryant.   (Elizabeth Peele m. Arthur Bryant Sep 1753.)  Elizabeth is my direct matrilineal line.

In 1776, Elisha Parker and Elizabeth Parker signed the marriage certificate of Keziah Bogue and Levi Munden, who were married at Sutton’s Creek Meeting House.  In the third column, Elizabeth Parker’s name appears below the bride’s, among the Bogues.  [Byorkman, pages 74-75.]

Elisha Parker died sometime after 17 Nov 1804 when he, Elizabeth and son Nathan were granted certificates from Piney Grove MM to Contentney MM.  Elizabeth was received at Contentnea 8 Dec 1804; the men’s meeting minutes prior to 1814 have been lost. 

UPDATE 2/10/2012: On Family North Carolina Probate 1735-1970 Wayne County, Wills, inventories & settlements 1796-1807 vol 3, images 270-272 is the account of the sale of the estate of Elisha Parker, decd. Sixth of the twelfth month, 1806. Isaac Parker, Administrator. Purchasers are Isaac Parker, Nathan/Nathaniel Parker, Jesse Parker (all sons of Elisha Parker), Luke Woodward (husband of Sarah Parker), Isaac Woodward (oldest son of Luke and Sarah, m.  Mary Morris) and Jonathan Woodward, Elisha Coleman (Mary Parker's husband), Cornelius Outland (possibly related to Sarah/Sally Outland, wife of Nathan?), Thomas, Arthur & Stephen Cook (Elizabeth Parker married a Cook out of unity, so did Elisha's granddaughter Sarah Henby, who married William Cook – my line. Thomas Cook was William's father, his mother was Jane Hollowell) Ichabod Boswell (in 1761, Elisha Parker witnessed the will of an Ichabod Boswell, as did John Henby probably an ancestor of Clarkey Parker’s husband Thomas Henby;  there are numerous land transactions involving or witnessed by the Boswells and the Henbys in Perquimans) and Benjamin Boswell , Jeremiah Morris (poss related to Mary Morris, wife of grandson Isaac Woodward), Silas Hollowell (possibly a connection of Jane Hollowell), and Stephen Folsom. It appears that there may also be a "post inventory" for this estate (see image 318, which seems to be an index.)


Elisha Parker and his wife, Elizabeth, had children:

Clarkey Parker b. 8 Nov 1754 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 113 Pasquotank MM] who m. Thomas Henby, 1773 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 66 Perquimans MM]. Thomas Henby will:  10th day of 10th month 1807 will of Thomas Henby of Perquimans County.  Beloved wife Clerky.  Sons Silvanus, Thomas, Elisha, John, Nathan.  Seven youngest daughters: Abigail Miriam Peninah Sarah Mary Hannah Pharaba & Clerky Henby [there are 8??  Or is it Abigail Munden?] son John and friend George Bundy executors, witnesses Silas and Josiah Haskitt. [Family Search North Carolina Probate Records, 1735 – 1970, Perquimans, Wills 1793 -1817 vol E  image 299 – 300 of 498.  This is Will Book E pages 294 -295 in original]  Thomas d. 13 Oct 1807 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 184 Suttons Creek MM.]

  • Thomas Henby b. 20 Feb 1774 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 100 Pasquotank MM], m1: Penninah Anderson 1796, she d. 1797 m2: Hannah Haskit in 1799
  • Abigail  Henby 10 Jun 1777 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 100 Pasquotank MM] disowned by the Quakers 1799
  • Elisha Henby 17 Dec 1778 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 100 Pasquotank MM] disowned by the Quakers 1804, married contrary to discipline
  • John Henby 22 Jan 1781 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 100 Pasquotank MM]
  • Silvanus Henby (will)
  • Nathan Henby (will) 8 Mar 1811, m. Millicent Sylvester, Perquimans County, disowned mcd April 1811
  • Miriam Henby (?? Will)
  • Peninah Henby (will)
  • Sarah Henby (will)  with her sisters Mary, Hannah, Pharaby and Clarky receive certificates to Contentnea MM from Suttons Creek in 1809, so possibly their mother Clarkey Parker Henby has died?  10 Nov 1810, Sarah Henby disowned, married [Thomas Cook] contrary to discipline
  • Mary Henby (will)
  • Hannah Henby (will)
  • Pharaba Henby (will)
  • Clerky Henby (will)

Peninah Parker b. 23 Aug 1756 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 113 Pasquotank MM] “dtr Elisha, Wayne Co.” m. Jesse Hall, son of Joseph of Edgecomb Co in 1799 [Hinshaw vol 1 p 319 Contentnea MM]( They went to Concord MM 1802 see Hinshaw vol 4 p 148]

  • Joseph Hall (1800)
  • William Hall m. Hannah Wharton [Hinshaw vol 4 page 212 Short Creek MM, Ohio], ch: Ezra W (1827), Parker (1829), Tilman (1831), Linton (1833), Nathan (1836), Peninah (1839),  Martha (1843)
  • Nathan P. Hall m. (1) Rachel Wilson  [Hinshaw vol 4 page 212 Short Creek MM, Ohio] ch: Israel (1825), Jesse (1827), Isaac (1829), Wilson( 1832), Joseph (1834) m (2) Merab Coffee [HInshaw vol 4 page 334] ch: Rachel (1840), John C. (1842), Charles (1844)

Elizabeth Parker b 6 Nov 1759 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 113 Pasquotank MM]  who married out of unity GNU Cook, in 1780 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314 Contentnea MM

Sarah Parker b 5 Nov 1751 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 113 Pasquotank MM]  “dtr of Elisha, province of N.C”  m. Luke Woodard, son of Thomas in 1782 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314  & 319Contentnea MM]

  • Isaac Woodard, son of Luke, Wayne County, m. Mary Morris 11 Jan 1807 ch: Mary [Hinshaw, vol 1 page 319]
  • Lydia Woodard, dtr of Luke, m. Francis Thomas 10 May 1807 [Hinshaw, vol 1 page 319]
  • Elizabeth Woodard, dtr Luke, dec, Wayne Co., m. David Newsom 16 Nov 1809 [Hinshaw, vol 1 page 319]
  • Peninah Woodard, dtr Luke and Sarah, m. Joel Newsom 15 Jan 1817
  • Luke Woodard, son of Luke and Sarah, Wayne County, m. Avis Cox 14 Oct 1818 [Hinshaw, vol 1 page 319] ch Peninah, Thomas Cox, Isaac Parker
  • Sarah Woodard, dtr of Luke and Sarah, m1. Michael Fulghum 13 Feb 1820 [Hinshaw, vol 1 page 319]
  • Absellit, dtr of Luke and Sarah, Wayne County, m. Ezekiel Davis 14 Jan 1821 [Hinshaw, vol 1 page 319]

 (possibly) Isaac Parker (1764) who m. Elizabeth Albertson in 1789.  On 3 Dec 1788 Isaac Parker produced a certificate from Great Contentnea MM at Perquimans MM…on 1 Jan 1789 Isaac Parker reported marriage to Elizabeth Albertson [Hinshaw vol 1 page 66]; 14 Apr 1821 Isaac Sr., Elizabeth and dtr Zilpha granted certificates to Blue River MM, Indiana [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314 Contentnea MM]

Note:  Isaac seems to fit into this family, however I have not found a record that specifically names him as the son of Elisha and Elizabeth.  In 1788, Elisha Parker and 6 of children – not named – were granted a certificate from Perquimans MM to Dobbs County (so Contentnea MM, Wayne County.) [Hinshaw vol 1 page 66.] This would be helpful if we had birthdates for any of the children after the first four daughters.  I have followed the dates chosen by another researcher for the children after Sarah, which seem to be good estimates based on date of marriage or birth of spouse.  However it seems that some of the children of this family married later in life (Peninah at 43, who had 3 children, and apparently Nathan who married at 45 and had a large family with a younger wife.)  More info needed to figure this out, and even then, where is Elizabeth, did she move on a separate certificate not noted, and was Peninah possibly with her?

 2/10/2013 Update: See above, fourth paragraph of blog.  Isaac Parker administered the estate sale of Elisha Parker, which suggests that he was Elisha’s oldest son.

  • Phinehas Parker (1790) m. Zilpha Coleman 1814 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314 Contentnea MM] ch:  William, Peninah, Rebecca, Patience; 14 Apr 1821 Phinehas and son William, Zilpha Sr, & dt Pininah Rebecca & Patience granted certerificates to Blue River MM, Ind. [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314 Contentnea MM]
  • William Parker (1791)  m. Elizabeth Peele 1815 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314 Contentnea MM] ; ch: Piety (1816), Isaac (1817) [Hinshaw vol 1 page 294], and Esther; 14 Apr 1821 William, son Isaac, Elizabeth Jr. [his wife] and dtrs Piety and Esther granted certificates to Blue River MM, Indiana. [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314 Contentnea MM]
  • Elisha Parker (1793)
  • Benjamin Parker (1795) m. Asenath Davis 1815 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314]; ch:  Joshua Davis Parker, Elizabeth; they all gct Lick Creek MM, Orange Co, in  in 1819 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314, Contentnea MM]
  • Millicent Parker (1797) m. Isaac Cox 1816 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314];
  • Zilpha Parker

Mary Parker (about 1771) “dtr Elisha, Wayne Co.,” m. Elijah Coleman [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314 Contentnea MM], son of Theophilus, deceased in 1791 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 301 Contentnea MM]

  • Jesse Coleman m. Pheriba Peele 1815 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 301] Contentnea MM] ch: Willis (1817), Sally (1819) m. Stanton Cox [ibid], Betsey (1820), Mary (1823), Celia (1825), Ezekiel (1827), Jesse (1830), Abigail (1833); he died 20 Nov 1857 aged 61 years 7 months 19 days, she died 16 Dec 1865 aged 59 years 11 months 26 days [Hinshaw vol 1 page 282]
  • Elias Coleman m. Sally Peele 1820 [ Hinshaw vol 1 page 310] ch: Nathan b. 1825, Burnett B/Bennett b. 1827, Harriet L or Harriet Telitha b 1823, allgranted certificate to some MM in In [Hinshaw vol 1 page 310, see page 282 for children’s dates of birth]
  • Elijah Coleman m. Elizabeth Edgerton 1825 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 310] m.(2) Rachel Cox 1832 [ibid] [children listed at Hinshaw vol 1 page 282]
  • Abigail Coleman m. John Fellow 1827 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 310 Contentnea MM]
  • Mary m. William Overman [Hinshaw vol 1 page 310 Contentnea MM]

Jesse Parker (about 1772) “s of Elisha, Wayne County” m. Ann Horn in 1794 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314] he died 1843, she b 1772 died 1836 both buried Alba [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 184]

  • Thomas Parker (1796) m. Margaret Arnold [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 230]; ch:  Nathan, Martha, Elisha, Calvin, Mary, Elizabeth, Elwood, Peninnah, Anna, Jane, John.  Thomas d. 15 Jun 1873 bur Alba; Margaret b. 29 May 1807, dtr of Nathan and Elizabeth Arnold d. 14 Sep 1885 bur Alba [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 185; see this page for more info on their children]
  • Edith Parker (1798) m. Ezekial Davis 1818 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314 Contentnea MM]
  • Piety Parker (1798) m. Frederick Fulghum 1818 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314 Contentnea MM]
  • Joel Parker (1801)  (White Water MM) m1. Rebecca Fulghum; [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 230] ch Matilda b. 1824. He m2. Mary Maris b 1808 wd of Jacob Hockett ch Adeline H b 1948.   Joel died 1877; Rebecca Fulghum b. 1796 d. 1845 bur New Garden [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 185]
  • Jesse H. Parker (1806) (White Water MM) m. Celia Arnolds/Sarah Arnold [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 230, page 184, both buried Alba]

Thomas Parker (1778) “s of Elisha and Elizabeth of Richmond Co., NC” m. Anna Peele, dtr of Pasco and Tabbitha of Richmond Co, N.C.  3 Mar 1803 [Hinshaw vol 1 page 1071 Piney Grove MM]  They were granted certificate to White Water MM 19 Mar 1814.  [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 1 page 119]

  • Jesse Parker m. Phebe Pucket [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 230]
  • Celia Parker
  • Sarah Parker

Nathan Parker (b about 1785?  According to Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 185, born 15 Nov 1772) went to Rich Square 8 Nov 1817 to [Hinshaw vol 1 page 314, page 251] m. Sarah / Sally Outland b/ 20 Jun 1792 (see further records at New Garden MM, Springfield MM both IN)

  • Patsey/Betsey Parker(1819) [Hinshaw vol 1 page 293]
  • Isaac Parker (1821) [Hinshaw vol 1 page 293]
  • Josiah Outland Parker (1822) [Hinshaw vol 1 page 293]
  • William Parker(1825) [Hinshaw vol 1 page 293]
  • Rachel Parker (1827) [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 185]
  • Sarah Parker (1829) [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 185]
  • Mary Parker (1831) [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 185]
  • Elisha Parker (1833) [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 185] bur Nettle Creek, h Elmina ch John (1864)  m2 Mary E Nicholson Jessup ch: Henry J, Elmina, Francis T, Ulysses, Nathan Earl, George Irvin [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 1 page 173, also 205]
  • Milley Parker (1835) d. 1893 bur Alba [Dorrel, Hamm, Heiss vol 2 page 185]


Elisha & Elizabeth Parker timeline:

(Pasquotank MM)             8 Nov 1754         Clarke(dt) born   -

                                             23 Aug 1756        Peninah born

                                             6 Nov 1759         Elizabeth born

3 Sep 1761          Elizabeth rqcuc

5 Nov 1761         Sarah born

                                             17 Oct 1770        Elisha rqct Perquimans MM

(Perquimans MM)             7 Apr 1771           Elisha rec in mbrp by written request from Pasquatonk

                                             1 Sep 1773          Clarley rmt Thomas Henby

4 Feb 1778          Elisha of Old Neck (one of the Perquimans’ County meetings)                  and 6 of his ch gct MM in Dobbs Co.

(Contentnea MM*)          14 Oct 1780        Elizabeth Cook (formerly Parker) dis mou

Wayne County                  17 Mar 1782       Sarah, dt Elisha, Prov of N.C. m. Luke Woodard at Contentnea

(Perquimans MM)             3 De-c 1788        Isaac prcf Contentney MM, to m.

Perquimans County          7 Jan 1789           Isaac rmt Elisabeth Albertson

                                             6 May 1789         Elisabeth rqct Contentney MM

(Contentnea MM)             13 Jan 1791         Mary, dt Elisha, Wayne Co., m. Elijah Coleman nr. Turner’s Swp

Wayne County                  9 Feb 1794          Jesse, s Elisha, Wayne Co., m. Ann Horn at Contentnea

                                             17 Oct 1799        Peninah, dt Elisha, Wayne Co., m. Jesse Hall  at Turner’s Swamp

                                             11 Mar 1801       Elizabeth gct Deep River MM

(Deep River MM)              5 Oct 1801          Elisha rocf Contentney MM dated 14 Mar 1801

                                                                           Thomas rocf Contentney MM date 14 Mar 1801

                                                                           Elizabeth rocf Contentney MM dated 14 Aug 1801

1 Feb 1802          Cert rec for Nathan from Contentney MM dated 5 Mar 1801; endorsed to Piney Grove MM

(Piney Grove MM)            20 Feb 1802        Nathan rocf Deep River NC dated 10 Oct

3 Mar 1803         Thomas, s of Elisha & Elizabeth, Richmond Co. N.C. , m Anna Peele, dtr of [Isaac] Passco & Tabitha Peele [grandson of Robert Peele]

                                             17 Nov 1804       Elisha gct Contentney MM

                                             17 Nov 1804       Elizabeth gct Contentney MM

                                             17 Nov 1804       Nathan, s Elisha, gct Contentney MM

(Contentnea MM*)          6 Dec 1804          Elizabeth rocf Piney Grove MM                  

(Piney Grove MM)            19 Mar 1814       Thomas & Fam gct White Water MM [Indiana]

(Contentnea MM)             1815 -1816          Children of Isaac & Elizabeth marry


(Rich Square MM)             15 Nov 1817       Nathan prcf Contentney MM

                                             17 Jan 1818         Nathan rmt Sarah Outland


(Contentnea MM)             11 Jul 1818          Sarah rocf Rich Square MM dated 16 May 1818

                                             1818                     Children of Jesse & Ann marry

1819-1826           Children and grandchildren gct Lick Creek MM, White Water MM,  Blue River MM, and New Garden MM, all in Indiana

(New Garden MM IN)      24 Sep 1843        Jessee son of Elisha & Elizabeth d., bur Alba

                                             19 Feb 1836        Anna b. 1/1772, dt/o Thomas Horn d., bur Alba

*The Contentnea meeting minutes are not intact; the men’s meeting minutes are missing before 1804.


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